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Moses Lake Chiropractor :: Dr. Richard Ribellia

I opened my first chiropractic office in the spring of 1979, in Spokane, WA

Moses Lake Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Ribellia

Dr. Richard Ribellia

I also practiced for twelve years in Honolulu, HI before moving to Moses Lake, WA in 1991. I have been in my present location since 2000. I found I enjoyed practicing chiropractic more in Washington because of the people’s utilization and understanding of chiropractic values, and the high caliber of the chiropractic community. I also enjoyed the Pacific Northwest outdoors. In short, chiropractic is what brought me back to Washington State. This is a tall order when I considered moving from my home state of Hawaii and its natural beauty and ideal tropical weather.

True Health and Wellbeing

Over the years I have come to realize that the best doctor-patient relationship is based on working on a common goal agreed upon by the doctor and patient. When this goal is based on enhancing their quality of life beyond the initial relief phase true health and wellbeing is achieved, and with much personal satisfaction. The greater success with our patients is when we can educate and motivate them away from their fear and ignorance about health concepts by giving them the needed basic knowledge about a healthy nervous system and chiropractic’s role in correcting subluxations. This is done through our workshops. I emphasize ignorance breeds fear; education is liberation; and, knowledge is personal power. We are experiencing young families choosing long term chiropractic care for a quality of life through regular adjustments, better nutritional choices, and healthy physical activities over chemical intervention. They are eager to learn and implement healthy ways for good health.

My Ideal Patient at Family Lifestyle Chiropractic

My ideal patient is one who wants to take personal responsibility for their health and well being. He’s always open to learning new things, and is prone to being pro active. He is an independent thinker with an “I can do it” attitude and genuinely loves life.

Can you Relieve my Pain?

The most frequently asked question of patients is can you relieve my “pain”, and my response is “yes, and more” if they allow me to identify and correct the underlying cause of their symptom they relate as pain. If they are open to learning and giving themselves time to heal, their expectations will be exceeded.

You’re Worth all the Effort

That our body is truly a self-healing organism created by God (higher power for agnostics, etc.). That when we work on our health and wellbeing through eating, moving, and thinking WELL, not just for survival, the meaning of and personal experience of a quality of life takes on new heights. That working on our health is an investment of study and action to live the great experience called quality of life. That it’s okay to make honest mistakes along the way. Take personal responsibility and make corrections. You’re worth all the effort.

It started with a serious sports injury that was unresolved through high school

A chiropractor was recommended and I was desperate enough to pursue it. He proceeded to correct what was never before identified (a subluxation), and I believe he saved not only my life but my future. I wanted to learn what he knew to help others who suffer unnecessarily.

It is a rare occasion that I go beyond three weeks before I get a chiropractic checkup

It’s now all about wellness and quality of life through a healthy nervous system. My rebound exerciser is well used when I am unable to get out and walk to maintain my fitness and function. To keep being healthy simple, I steer towards eating whole foods, beef raised in my pasture, and fruits and vegetables purchased from the local farmer’s market whenever possible. Keeping my nervous system healthy directly relates to a healthy immune system. You must know that drugs is not a part of my health protocol. It could be if I were severely injured. Receiving adjustments made the difference. It was the only thing I was doing differently at the time.

I was fortunate to go through chiropractic school when I did in the 70s. Most of my teachers were also practicing chiropractors who infused the chiropractic philosophy and mindset with their respective subjects. They all had their own practices after school hours. I graduated from the school started by the Founder, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

At Home

I enjoy forming things with my hands like building with wood, growing flowers, and doing yard work to offset working with people in need. I like working and being with my wife in the office and around the home. I like the clinical challenges I see in chiropractic, and having people being grateful for their return of health way beyond their expectations. I like teaching people about chiropractic, the human body, and healthy ways of living. I have six adult children. Three, and a daughter-in-law, are chiropractic doctors. I have practiced with Dr. Saul for four years. I enjoy our nine grand children. As a patient I stay healthy with weekly checkups, regular exercise on the rebounder, and distance cycling in warmer weather.

I don’t consider myself or my family special people. We are people who have embraced a way of life that is centered around a chiropractic philosophy. Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our Moses Lake office a call, or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to explore your options. In whatever you choose God bless you.

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